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From the outset, the Academy of Philately has advocated philately based on study and knowledge of sources. And as everyone knows, no good philatelist without a good library.

These pages are intended to help philatelists wishing to do their own research and build a library.

Donations, some of which are very old, have enabled the Academy of Philately to have an important library which continues to grow. A part is deposited at the Musée de la Poste. You will find the updated list of these works.

Certain published works have been the subject of notices in internal documents of the Academy. You will find them here for works published since 2002.

Many official documents are essential to understand postal regulations. Many of them are explained and defined here with often links to access these texts in digital libraries.

French archives, useful for research in the postal sector, are scattered over various archive sites, libraries and museums. They are listed here, without being exhaustive, often with indications on the series or fonds to consult.