The symbol of the Academy is the « Cérès (1848) of Jacques-Jean Barre (8 March 1873- 10 June 1855) that is found at the bottom of the majority of pages on this site.

Look! A member of the Academy

As everyone knows, the members of the Académie de Philatélie have always been easy to identify with their lively approach and sparkling intelligence (if there is need for conviction, look at the members information details). Nevertheless, the decision was taken in 1975 (at the time of Arphila), well before buttonhole badges became fashionable, to complement this with a symbol that each academician would wear in his left buttonhole at exhibitions, conferences or meetings.

When they were first introduced these « pins » came in three varieties; green (and gold), blue (and gold) and red (and gold) - in line with the old U.P.U. recommendations! - according to the status of the members. Then, as stocks diminished unevenly it was decided in the 1980s not to take any account of the colour. Now, the only colour issued is green (and gold).

They are sold (at cost price) exclusively to members of the Academy, but are often offered – after his election- to a new member by his sponsors.

It is self-evident that only members of the Academy can wear one!