Three awards are made annually if suitable recipients are nominated by the Academy:

  • The "Prix littéraire de l'Académie" . The literature award created on 2 May 1929 and first presented in 1930.
  • The "Prix philatélique de l'Académie" the Academy philatelic award for a display at the annual FFAP exhibition. This was created on 8 May 2001 and first presented in June 2001.
  • The "Prix Internet de l'Académie" for a website on French philately (in the widest sense, including ex French colonies) this too was created on 8 May 2001 and first presented in March 2002.

No Academy member is eligible for these

Literature award

Criteria for judging

Before the vote for this in 2003, the criteria by which it would be given, were summarised by Jean-Paul Alexandre and Michèle Chauvet :

  • "a good" work both in the sense of its content and its treatment of the subject
  • Serious research
  • Publication of unrecorded archive material on subjects otherwise well studied.

The Académie de philatélie is under no obligation to award the literature prize every year, if the quality of works available for judging is insufficient or they do not satisfy the prescribed criteria. Similarly as happened in 1953, 1995 and 2007 more than one award can be made in any given year if justified by the quality of works available for consideration

Once new books are reviewed in the press members then purchase them according to the scope of their own interests, and if necessary draw them to the attention of colleagues. Up to now all that have received these awards have been bought by Academy members, and after reading and enjoying them, have passed them to those tasked with making the award.

All recipients
First awarded in 1930 and re started in 1982.

Philatelic award

The "Prix philatélique de l'Académie de philatélie" was created at a meeting of the committee on 8 May 2001. It is presented to a collection (in any category including youth) at the National exhibition.

It was first presented at Tours in June 2001

It is judged as something which really gives pleasure rather than according to strict competition rules and its award has no connection to competition rules.
How it works

  • All Academy members who are not national or international jurors at the exhibition (in order to avoid any conflict of interest) are eligible to take part in selecting those to be given the awards.
  • They list a maximum of five in order of preference of those they like.
  • Votes are handed in by a set time
  • The votes are then sorted and checked by a panel of 3 Academy members.
  • The panel then look at those exhibits given the most votes.
  • They then award the prize or prizes as appropriate
  • The decision of the panel is final with no right of appeal

The "Prix Philatélique de l'Académie" is announced during the event and presented at a later meeting of the Academy in the form of a medal.

The Académie de philatélie is under no obligation to make this award every year if the quality or content of the exhibits does not reach the required standards or if there are too few Academy members to make the award.

All recipients
First presented in 2001 it was not awarded in 2015